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The Adventist Peace Fellowship (APF) – Jeff Boyd

Date: 24 September 2016

Speaker: Jeff Boyd, Director of the Adventist Peace Fellowship

Position: Research Support Specialist, Dept of Research and Creative Scholarship

Topic:  The Adventist Peace Fellowship (APF)

Venue:  Garber Auditorium, Chan Shun Hall

Attendance: 43


Mr. Boyd opened with a number of photos of various demonstrations in which the APF has participated, including demonstrations against nuclear weapons, Guantanamo prison, etc.  He then sought to define the term “peace,” noting that it more than simply the absence of violence, which he termed a “negative peace.”  A “positive peace,” he said, involves the integration of human society.  He then entered upon a discussion of the term “Shalom” and how its definition involves wholeness or completeness.  Shalom is bound up with the notion of perfection and well-being.   He compared true peace to an onion, with war, violence, and abuse at the center of human society, but justice and flourishing well-being at the outer layer.

What does Adventism Offer Peacemakers?  Boyd suggests that Adventists bring the Sabbath rest; the concept of Creation; peace with our environment, etc.  He went on to cite a number of quotes from early Adventists about justice, the importance of caring for those who are oppressed, opposition to war (e.g. the annexation of the Philippines), etc.  He also noted the example of Carl Wilkins, the ADRA Director who remained in Rwanda throughout the genocide and was able to save many lives at the risk of his own.

Boyd called on Adventists to seek peace and reconciliation with all, to care for Creation, health and human rights.  It has its own website at www.Adventistpeace.org

A number of questions followed, including discussion about completeness and what concrete activities can be particularly helpful.


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