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“The San Antonio (Texas) General Conference Session: Insights from Andrews University Insiders”

Date: August 22, 2015

Speakers: Andrews University panel of Dr. Niels-Erik Andreasen; Dr. Andrea Luxton; Dr. Alayne Thorpe; Dr. Christon Arthur; Alisa Williams; Paul Kim

Positions: University President; Provost; Dean School of Distance Learning; Dean School of Graduate Studies & Research; Annual Giving Coordinator; Professor of Film

Topic: “The San Antonio (Texas) General Conference Session: Insights from Andrews University Insiders”

Venue: Chan Shun Hall

Attendance: 95

Presentation: Panelists discussed the inadvisability of revising Church Manual at GC sessions; ordination being almost a sacrament; use of “recent” & “historical” relating to Creation; conflict between “unity” & “uniformity”; source of authority in Church; NAD individualism vs. group-think in Developing World; Tradition vs. Post-Modernism; use of social media at GC (Twitter, Periscope, Facebook); Millennials’ reaction to GC; dangers of using EGW quotes (rather than sola scriptura) in Fundamental Beliefs; the hostility to women after ordination vote; failure of electronic voting technology; culturally-based divisions in Church; perks enjoyed by leaders in 4th level Sky Boxes.

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