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Thirty-Four Years Inside Seventh-day Adventist Publishing—A Retrospective – Richard Coffen

Date: October 20, 2012

Speaker: Richard Coffen

Position: Retired book editor, Review & Herald Publishing Association

Topic: Thirty-Four Years Inside Seventh-day Adventist Publishing—A Retrospective”

Venue: Chan Shun Hall

Attendance: 30


Presentation: Coffen shared reflections about the managers, GC presidents, & authors he’s worked with over 34 years from the typewriter and linotype era (1970s) to the present.  His goals have been to reaffirm SDA doctrines & standards, educate & entertain readers, make authors look good, & push the frontiers of thought.  He shared anecdotes & letters about authors like “Prophetess Pearl,” plagiarizing Harold Metcalf, conservative “gem” Elder Frezee, & controversies following books by Rick Rice, Alden Thompson, Charles Wittschiebe, & Helmut Ott.  Some books sold well (Anvil Series) & others flopped (systematic theology), but he’s enjoyed a fulfilling career in publishing them all.

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