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CognitiveGenesis: The Impact of Adventist K-12 Schools on Students – Jerry Thayer

Date: September 22, 2012

Speaker: Dr. Jerry Thayer

Position: Director of the Center for Statistical Service, Andrews University

Topic: “CognitiveGenesis: The Impact of Adventist K-12 Schools on Students”

Venue: Chan Shun Hall

Attendance: 38


Presentation: In 2006-09, a La Sierra University group studied standardized test scores to compare cognitive development of 30,000 NAD SDA students in grades 3-9 & 11 with public school pupils & surveyed teachers, parents, & administrators.  Both SDA students’ achievement & abilities are above average in all subjects for all school sizes and for all ethnic groups: as much as 1/3rd grade level, usually in 60th-82nd percentile in math, social studies, reading, & science. SDA schools excel in teaching critical thinking.  The ability levels of students rose faster than achievement levels.  Every NAD conference showed above average performance with minor variations for school & class size.

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