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Inspiration: Manuscripts, Mistakes, and Choosing a Version – Larry Richards

Date: December 1, 2012

Speaker: Dr. Larry Richards

Position: Director of Greek Manuscript Collection, Andrews University Seminary

Topic: “Inspiration: Manuscripts, Mistakes, and Choosing a Version”

Venue: Chan Shun Hall

Attendance: 44


Presentation: That none of the 5700 Greek biblical manuscripts at AU are 100% in agreement indicates “the writers were God’s penmen, not His pen” (EGW).  He gave NT examples of inconsistencies, explored the PaRaDiSe methodology, and explained how errors occurred from scribes mishearing, misreading, confusion over words & synonyms, historical errors, and clearing up apparent discrepancies.  He discussed pros & cons of several Bible versions depending on one’s purpose (devotional, study, youth ministry, scholarship) before concluding that all versions contain God’s Word no matter how phrased and are doctrinally reliable despite small punctuation or translation errors.

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