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Genesis and Beyond: Reports from the Chicago Adventist Forum – Panel

Date: September 17, 2011

Speakers: David Grellmann, Robert Johnston, Thomas Goodwin, Dennis Woodland

Positions: MD/former missionary; Emeritus Professor of NT at AU Theological

Seminary; AU Paleobiologist; AU Professor of Botany

Topic: Genesis and Beyond: Reports from the Chicago Adventist Forum

Venue: Physics Amphitheater

Attendance: 80


Presentation: Panel summarized sessions, issues, & spectrum of conservative-to-liberal views among mostly white male presenters. Dialog focused on problems of revising the Fundamental Belief #6, how SDA scientists deal w/current scientific research, how some theologians “dodge” the evidence, the need for “wiggle room” in doctrinal statements, & bridge-building between scientists & theologians. Works by Brian Bull & John Walton could resolve conflicts w/Genesis & science (i.e., the Bible was written for us but not to us; Genesis is not about who we are but whose we are). Perhaps we are closer to the truth in our questions than in our answers as we seek to maintain faith in a materialistic world.

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