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From Birding to Conservation: Adventists’ Engagement with Nature – James Hayward

Date: November 13, 2010
Speaker: Dr. James Hayward
Position: Professor of Biology, Andrews University
Topic: “From Birding to Conservation: Adventists’ Engagement with Nature”
Venue: Physics Amphitheater
Attendance: 69
Presentation: After showing slides of his work at Protection Island in Washington State, Jim showed how SDAs James Tucker (founder, American Birding Association), Floyd Murdoch, Benton Basham, & Kevin Easley have played key roles in the development of American birding. Yet despite their agrarian tradition, EGW writings about God’s “second book of nature,” natural healing methods, and focus on health, Creation, the Sabbath, & the relationship of science to faith, Adventists’ belief in the imminent Second Coming of Christ often militates against their involvement in the current environmental movement and efforts to curb global warming.

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