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“Adventists & Creation: A Way Forward?” – Thomas Goodwin

Date: January 19, 2008

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Goodwin

Position: Professor of Paleobiology & Curator, Natural History Museum , AU

Topic: Adventists & Creation: A Way Forward?”

Venue: Chan Shun Hall

Attendance: 72


Presentation: SDAs are serious about science & theology, but when they clash, Tom suggested a 4-part model: (1)Motivate creative scholarship & discovery (beyond Flood chronology), (2)Affirm different thought styles in the quest for truth (we need mavericks to find new truth & conservatives to preserve old truths), (3)Cultivate careful, virtuous thinking (avoid “You can’t” statements; balance data, theories, & shaping principles), (4)Rethink our priorities toward a “new Creationism” (defend Creation from current forces of de-creation; example SE Asian coral reefs). Tom supported his points with examples from leading scholars like Leonard Brand, David Raup, & Donald Prothero.

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