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“Intelligent Design: Revolutionary Science or Reactionary Religion?” – Ronald Numbers

Date: 9 December 2006

Speaker: Dr. Ronald Numbers

Position: Professor of the History of Science & Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-

Madison campus

Topic: “Intelligent Design: Revolutionary Science or Reactionary Religion?”

Venue: Berrien Springs United Methodist Church

Attendance: 126


Presentation: Numbers gave the historical background of Creationism & Intelligent Design thought in the scientific community and its present status, focusing on ID writers in the fields of geology, biology, etc. Some suggest that although ID is “bad science,” it does not violate US Constitution to teach it in high schools. Others see a huge middle ground between Theism and Evolution permitting belief in theistic evolution. Still others see ID (or evolution) as too speculative to deserve the title of “serious science.” ID “is flying high” in US today. Numbers wondered if Kuhn’s model of a “Big Paradigm” (evolution) and a “Little Paradigm” (ID) might be equally valid & coexist in the future.

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