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“The Case for An Adventist Law School” – Margaret McFarland

Date: March 5, 2005

Speakers:  Margaret McFarland, Esq.; Response by Brent Geraty, Esq.

Positions:  Ms. McFarland is General Counsel for District of Columbia Housing Authority and a Member of the Andrews University Board of Trustees.  Mr. Geraty is General Counsel for Andrews University.

Topic:  “The Case for an Adventist Law School ”

Venue:  Andrews University, Physics Amphitheatre

Attendance:  60


Presentation: McFarland stated that a Seventh-day Adventist law school could present a unique perspective on church/state issues; protect minority, Sabbath, noncombatant, non-union, higher education, hospital, and SDA athletes’ rights; and be a locus for a scholarly law journal.  An SDA law school could prepare specialists in international and religious liberty law, train service-oriented mediators, pioneer more humane teaching methods and joint degree programs (J.D. and D.Min.).  It would increase Andrews University’s enrollment, enhance academics, boost alumni pride and donations, and exalt the university’s academic profile.  Geraty agreed that how lawyers are trained bears on how our rights are protected in court.



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