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Andrews University Association of Adventist Forum Meetings January 22, 2017

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Michiana Adventist Forum


What Is to be Done with Difficult Texts of Scripture?
Dr. Herold Weiss
Emeritus Professor and Former Chair
Catholic Department of Religious Studies
Saint Mary’s College
Notre Dame, Indiana
Saturday Afternoon at 3:30 pm
August 26, 2017
Biology Amphitheater
Price Hall
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI
Free and Open to the Public
About the Speaker
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Dr. Herold Weiss is a native of Montevideo, Uruguay, who graduated from Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University), the SDA Theological Seminary and Duke University. Since 1965 he has been a resident of Berrien Springs while teaching at the SDA Theological Seminary (1965-69), Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN (1969-01), and enjoying a most satisfying retirement. During these years he had seven books and 14 pear-reviewed articles published. Besides, many of his articles have appeared in Adventist publications, and for three years he was a monthly columnist at Spectrummagazine.org. He has two grown sons and four grandchildren.

About the Topic

Dr. Weiss has provided several questions to introduce his topic:
Is the Bible quite open to a plain reading?
Why are some texts considered difficult?
Is the interpretation of difficult texts required? Or, should they be ignored?
Is it required to interpret all texts consistently by one and the same method?
Is it possible to interpret texts without presuppositions?
What does the Bible itself say about its origins?